The Secrets of a Cruel Game

I’m writing this because I am a fucking piece of shit Game maker.

By this moment you probably realized that you have a game filled with bugs. My apologies, but I’m not really a game developer.

The Goal of “The Joke of a Cruel Game” is to escape the cycle. To survive…. and …. to actually finish the game.

If you really want to see the game’s ending follow these instructions precisely.

The Joke of a Cruel Game has three endings.

“The Suicide Ending.”

You just get to Thursday and commit suicide. You don’t need to do anything fo this,

“The Paris Ending”

You get this ending if you get to return the cat to its owner.

For this ending you need to do this:

On the second night go outside read the “Lost Cat” flyer  and save the cat on the underground pool.

On the third night use the phone and talk to the “cat lady”

After this you will be able to go to her apartment. Talk with her. If the conversation ends up talking about

video games you got it.

Because I am a shitty programmer the memories erase if you don’t do it like this. If you go inside and outside the apartment the memories erase and don’t work.

Go to the computer and finish programming the game.

“The 0 errors ending.” (The true ending)

I won’t tell you how to get this ending but it involves doing the same as “The Paris ending” but on the first day try to make peace with Sandy using her latest email.


2 thoughts on “The Secrets of a Cruel Game

  1. Really nice game!!! =) Thank you! I got all the endings! About the last ending, there´s a bug: if you send a e-mail to Sandy using her last e-mail (viewed in her diary) during the first day and also on the other days, the memory of the other days you sent a e-mail to Sandy (using her last e-mail in her diary) overlap the memory from the first e-mail (on the first day). If It happens this, you don´t get the “true ending” (0 errors).

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